I was born and raised in Ecuador, and I speak Spanish fluently. My journey to becoming an attorney began when the Great Recession took my job. I worked as a pipe welder and utility foreman for fourteen years, and my job was one of the more than 9 million lost during the economic downturn. At the time, the construction industry barely had a pulse. I needed to change careers. Looking for guidance, I remembered all the help I had received when my livelihood was threatened. I knew then that my new job would have to be one where I could give back to the community, so I began a new career as a paralegal, eventually furthering my education by going to law school. In 2020, I graduated from NCCU School of Law.

I opened the Barba Law Firm in early 2021, where I handle traffic tickets, misdemeanors, workers’ compensation, and personal injury cases. My understanding of the construction world’s intricacies and my intercultural communication abilities are assets for my clients. My goal is to build my practice to the point where I can represent clients regardless of their ability to pay. It will take some time, but I can see myself walking the corridors of courthouses well into my eighties.

I come to the PBRC with an awareness that many North Carolina drivers have lost their licenses for financial reasons. A failure to pay court costs can cascade into a permanent suspension. This places significant barriers to employment and other opportunities. District Attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and several groups have recognized this injustice and are working together to address this issue. I look forward to using my Spanish language and legal skills to help the Driver’s License Restoration Project assist even more individuals who need help.