Highlighting Attorney Anna Short-Slightom

Tell me about your regular practice area: Where do you practice and what do you do? What do you love most about your job?


My practice focuses on tax-credit financing, primarily on the lending and investing side. Most of my work involves low-income housing tax credits or new markets tax credits. I enjoy the collaborative nature of my work; parties on all sides of these transactions ultimately have similar goals of sustainable, smart development in low-income areas to address needs of the community.


What is your favorite pro bono experience?

I worked with a transgender client for over three years to obtain a court-ordered name change. It is not an easy process and I was thrilled when we finally received the court order.


Tell me about your experience with Pro Bono Resource Center projects.

I appreciate its mission of increasing pro bono participation! I have found the center to be very helpful and a great resource.


How has pro bono volunteerism enriched your career?

As is true for many lawyers, I thrive when I’m helping others. Pro bono work gives me the opportunity to apply my skills to help others in need outside of my day-to-day practice area.


Of what moment(s) from your pro bono work are you proudest?

When we receive the court ordered name change! So much hard work went into that process and I was so happy for my client in that moment.


What advice would you give to attorneys who have not yet provided any pro bono service?

Collaboration is key. Pair with another attorney so you can share the workload and learn from each other. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are not an expert in a certain practice area.