From which law school did you graduate?

University of Texas

Who is your employer?

Wake Forest University School of Law

What is your job title?

Faculty Director of Pro Bono, James A. Webster Professor of Public Law

What do you love most about your job?

Law school is known for being a pressure cooker. Thankfully, pro bono is the opposite in many ways. With pro bono, students choose how to use their legal talents in ways that align with their values and provide much-needed help to the community. I would not argue with someone who claims pro bono is the best part of a law school community — a place where legal education aligns with helping others.

How does the Pro Bono Resource Center help you do your work?

I started this work on July 1, 2022, and was lucky enough to meet Sylvia Novinsky that very day. She has connected me with the North Carolina Bar Association and Foundation and other pro bono coordinators in the state. She has also provided a lot of guidance on what a successful pro bono program looks like. I couldn’t imagine doing this job without the Pro Bono Resource Center’s guidance.

Why is pro bono important for law students?

Pro bono gets law students out of the fear of getting called on and into the joy of helping others. It helps them get out of their heads and into their hearts, out of the library and into the community, and out of theory and into practicality. No wonder law students are clamoring for pro bono, despite their stressful schedules!

How can attorneys help with your pro bono program?

Attorneys can help our pro bono program by volunteering to supervise law students interested in pro bono.

Tell us about one of your favorite experiences in your role.

It is too early in my position to identify a favorite experience because everything is new! But I know I will have some great examples a year from now.