Land Loss Prevention Project

LLPP provides legal support and assistance to all financially distressed and limited resource farmers and landowners in North Carolina. LLPP’s advocacy involves action in three separate arenas: litigation, public policy, and promoting sustainable agriculture and environment.

JusticeMatters, Inc.

JusticeMatters provides preventative and restorative legal services, specializing in trauma-informed immigration and family law services that protect kids and help survivors of human trafficking and other traumas rebuild their lives.

Financial Protection Law Center

FPLC works to protect the public from predatory lenders and to assist homeowners in preventing foreclosure. No Website – (910) 442-1010

Disability Rights North Carolina

Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC) is the only organization dedicated to advancing and defending the rights of people with all types of disabilities, of all ages, statewide. We advocate using a wide array of legal and other strategies, from information and referral to systemic litigation. DRNC’s areas of practice include education, housing, health and mental...

Council for Children’s Rights

Council for Children’s Rights leads our community to stand up for every child’s right to be safe, healthy and educated. We do that through individual advocacy, legal representation, and addressing broad, community-wide issues through research and policy work.

Compass Center

Compass Center for Women and Families helps individuals and families prevent and end domestic violence and navigate their journey to self-sufficiency, safety, and health. We provide domestic violence crisis services, career and financial education, assistance with legal information and resources, as well as adolescent empowerment programs. Compass Center is the only Orange County resource for...

Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina

The mission of the Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina (CLC) is to provide children with quality legal advocacy focusing on domestic violence issues, high conflict custody cases and ensuring access to education. Our ultimate goal is to enable children to grow up in safe environments and to become emotionally healthy adults. We are committed...

Center for Death Penalty Litigation

CDPL is a non-profit firm that provides direct representation to inmates on North Carolina’s death row, as well as consulting with and training attorneys who practice capital litigation across the state.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina

The NC ACLU mission is to preserve and defend the guarantees of individual liberty found in the North Carolina Constitution and the US Constitution, with particular emphasis on freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, equal protection under law for all people, the right to privacy, the right to due process of law,...