The North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center is proud to highlight the work of attorneys making a difference through pro bono.

Since he began practicing law in North Carolina in 1997, Todd has served community and faith-based organizations within the state.

Todd joined the Board of Directors of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy (CCLA) in 2008. He has served as Vice President of CCLA’s Board since 2014 and Chair of the Development Committee since 2012. Todd has helped Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy secure grants and large-scale funding, including more than $20,000 annually for CCLA from the legal department and individual attorneys within Bank of America.

Todd helped found Bank of America’s Veteran Legal Services project in Charlotte in 2013. Todd represents veterans on a pro bono basis and takes a personal approach to assisting his veteran clients, many of whom are discouraged by their past experiences trying to obtain needed medical benefits and many of whom face serious physical and emotional challenges, including PTSD. Todd spends time listening to his clients, not just to gather facts about their military service but to build trust and get to know them on a deeper level.

Todd is also the lead attorney for the bank on the Wills on Wheels project. Through this project, volunteers draft wills and healthcare documents for senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, hospice patients and veterans who might otherwise die intestate.

Over the years, Todd has represented many pro bono clients in connection with landlord-tenant disputes, employment security hearings, homelessness, estate planning matters and domestic violence matters. In addition to his own pro bono work, Todd is a leader and recruiter in the pro bono arena. He inspires other attorneys, and often entire firms or legal departments, to do pro bono work.

Todd was inducted into the second class of the North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society in 2017 through the NC Pro Bono Resource Center.