By Sylvia Novinsky

While the past two years have challenged how our profession is able to address unmet legal needs in North Carolina, our state’s attorneys have continued to find ways to volunteer their time and skills through pro bono legal service.

Through our organization alone, hundreds of attorneys have helped people stay in their homes, restore their driving privileges, or overcome barriers to employment through expunctions. We know that many more people have been helped by pro bono volunteers through other organizations across the state, so we ask you to share your pro bono service with us through this year’s voluntary reporting process.

Each year, the Pro Bono Resource Center collects information about RPC 6.1 activities performed by attorneys in our state. This year, information about activities provided in 2022, will be collected through March 31, 2023, at

Licensed North Carolina attorneys who report at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services will be inducted into this year’s class of the North Carolina Attorney Pro Bono Honor Society and will receive a certificate from the Supreme Court of North Carolina recognizing their achievements.

Additionally, for the second year, North Carolina paralegals may also share their pro bono service information. Paralegals who report providing at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services in 2022 will be recognized through the North Carolina Paralegal Pro Bono Honor Society with a certificate from the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center. Paralegals may also report at Please encourage your paralegals to report so they can also be recognized for their pro bono work!

Thank you for the good work you do to ensure equal access to justice for all in our state. We look forward to learning more about your pro bono volunteerism through your report submission by March 31st.

Thank you to those who have already reported!

Warm regards,

Sylvia Novinsky is the Director of the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center.