During this year’s National Celebration of Pro Bono, the NC Pro Bono Resource Center will be sharing 6.1 reasons for you to consider providing pro bono legal services. This list will continue to be updated as Pro Bono Week 2018 goes along!

Reason 1: To Make A Difference In Your Community
Reason 2: To Build Your Legal Skills and Experience
Reason 3: To Address Unmet Legal Needs
Reason 4: To Connect With Your Colleagues and Peers
Reason 5: To Stand Out as a Well-Rounded Attorney
Reason 6: It Feels Good to Help Others!
Reason 6.1: To Fulfill Your Professional Responsibility

For more about Reason 6.1 and the need for pro bono legal services, see the following message from NC State Bar Past President John M. Silverstein: